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I'm an American designer living and working in Paris, France Stockholm, Sweden. I design user interfaces for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. I also assist in the initial steps of project planning: content strategy, wireframes and visual guidelines.


D'ou tu viens aux États-Unis ? — Where do you come from in the States?

In 1982, I was born in the state of Connecticut (près de New York City). I spent the second half of my childhood in southwest Michigan (près de Chicago) where the winters are long and the lakes look like oceans. I've also lived in Rhode Island, California, New York, and Florida.

Ca te manque les États-Unis ? — Do you miss the States?

Sometimes. But nationalized healthcare is fantastic…

Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire "Fuss and Feathers" ? — What does "Fuss and Feathers" mean?

"Fuss and feathers" is a near obsolete American idiomatic expression. The expression originates from the nickname of Winfield Scott, a charismatic Union Army general during the American Civil War.1 The expression means:

An extensively elaborate or pretentious display; ostentation 2

In all honesty, I don't know much about Winfield Scott and this site is not an hommage (although surely he deserves one). 3

When I lived in France and I was learning to speak French, I thought that using idiomatic expressions was a clever way to sound more fluent. I didn't fool anyone: people often replied, "My grand-mère" used to say that!"

While learning new languages, I'm always fascinated by idioms, expressions of a bygone era, remnants of a disappearing oral tradition, words cloaked in decades of cultural wisdom.

"Fuss and Feathers" is a relatively small and obscure slice of American history; perhaps employing this disappearing idiomatic expression is my way of clutching onto some part of my own American identity.

Non vraiment, qu'est-ce que ça veut dire "Fuss and Feathers" ? — No really, what does "Fuss and Feathers" mean?

The closest French translation for "fuss and feathers" is plumes et tralala. But there’s really no literal translation for "Fuss and Feathers" and that's the beauty of it.

At this very moment

After living and working in Paris, France for nearly 10 years, I am now relocating in Stockholm, Sweden.


I studied design, film, animation, and video at the Rhode Island School of Design (une bonne école de beaux-arts aux Etats-Unis) from 2000 to 2002. I pursued media-related academic studies in New York City and Florida until I moved to France in 2005.

Professional Interests

I help my clients create consistent visual identities across desktop and mobile platforms. I also address how these identities can thrive in different social media contexts. I am passionate about developments in web typography and responsive design. I acknowledge that web design is a somewhat ephemeral medium, but I think it's possible to produce flexible, longterm, sustainable solutions.

Good web design is more than surface aesthetics; it's about problem-solving, it's about organizing content in a way that is readable and efficient, it's about helping the client communicate a select set of values and foretelling how that message will be received.

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